SERAS mini-conference announcement

SERAS are pleased to announce our first conference event!

In the run-up to their summer conference in July 2021, SERAI – Skill and Education in Robotics, Autonomous systems and IoT – are running a series of shorter talks and discussions related to the education and technology.

These are exciting times in educational technology. Please join three of the UK’s top thought leaders – Professor Tony Prescott from Sheffield Robotics, Dr Patricia Charlton from the Open University and Institute of Coding and Dave Gibbs from STEM Learning – as they discuss the future of robotics, AI and IoT in all levels of education.

  • Tony Prescott will discuss the future of work and society and the work of SERAS in addressing the UK skills gap;
  • Patricia Charlton will explore the importance of a multi-disciplinary co-design approach to introducing technology into the curriculum and how to build evidence to assess what works at scale;
  • Dave Gibbs will discuss the challenges facing schools and teachers in preparing students for the workplace of 2030.

We welcome anyone who would like to attend. The event is open to academics, educators, Industrial and Ed tech representatives, third sector employees and any member of the public interested in the future of work, education and society.

This event will take place on Thursday 10 December, 2020.

Register here for the mini-conference/(NB it is completely free!)

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