Environment Maker Challenge: Day 5 with David Pride

Thanks so much everyone for tuning in today to David Pride’s brilliant Miocro:bit masterclass – and for completing the first week of our Environment Making Challenge! I know that we at SERAS learned a huge amount in the session today – and I expect that everybody else did too.

David really helped reminding us that coding is for everyone; he did a great job demystifying the jargon behind computing and inspired us all with his stories of how Making can change your life. It’s great to think that from lesson one in Micro:bit, you can soon be doing a computing PhD. As for his marvellous Maker Ukulele, wow! Thanks David! See you all next week.

David’s micro:bit ukulele

David’s workshop is available to view on our YouTube channel here (and at the bottom of this post): https://youtu.be/-RaF0CHMZUM

To see the links, slides, and all the info mentioned in the talk, follow this link to our Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1w4o8m6rThbH_22zzqfnOa50uJCGyM8zW?usp=sharing

Also, remember to follow us on Twitter @SERAS_skills. For this Challenge, use #SERAS_emc20

You can follow David on twitter, too, @davejavupride

Here are some of the other links mentioned in David’s talk:

Micobit homepage: https://microbit.org/
Microbit emulators for phone: https://microbit.org/get-started/user-guide/mobile/
Al Sweigart: https://alsweigart.com/

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