Environment Maker Challenge: Day 3 with Kisha Bradley

Many thanks to everyone who made it for Kisha Bradley’s wonderful introduction to creative thinking and problem solving, the third session in our SERAS Environment Making Challenge. I hope it helped you all come up with good ideas for the Challenge!

Don’t worry if you missed Kisha’s webinar – it’s now available on our YouTube channel (or at the bottom of this page).

Kisha also gave us lots of great ways to brainstorm and refine our ideas as we zero in on a problem to solve. If you would like to have a look at her slides again, please check out our shared Google folder, where we will post all of the information, slides, and links that all of our speakers send us. Stefan’s and Tanya’s slides from the first two sessions are already there.

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you for an Arduino workshop tomorrow!

Remember to follow us on Twitter @SERAS_Skills, and use the hashtag #SERAS_emc20 to follow the course.

And do follow Kisha @kisha_bradley, and her company, Brightbox Maker Space @brightboxmaker

And don’t forget you can follow all of the activities during UK Robotics week by following @UKRobotics. and #UKRW20.

If you missed any of the other talks that are part of the Environment Maker Challenge, you can find them all on our YouTube Channel.

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