Environment Maker Challenge: Day 2 with Tanya Fish

Thanks again to everyone for coming along to Tanya Fish’s brilliant interactive webinar on how to
prepare for a Make, the second session in our SERAS Environment Making Challenge. It was a
really good turnout, with nearly 50 people attending again, so thanks and well done!

We all learned so much about the various boards you can use – and what their pros and cons are –
and how they link to sensors that you may want to employ. In the end, Tanya recommended the
raspberry pi zero as her favourite. I’m sure that everyone also appreciated her help on Making with
a lower budget.

If you missed Tanya’s webinar, don’t worry, we recorded it and it is now available on our YouTube channel here (it’s also embedded at the bottom of this post): https://youtu.be/-0AMkRbS1pk

You can also access Tanya’s fabulous hand-drawn slides on our shared Google Drive here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1w4o8m6rThbH_22zzqfnOa50uJCGyM8zW?usp=sharing

A few remidners:

Please fill out our Google questionnaire, if you haven’t done so already: https://forms.gle/baRU4Kg3otr9soJu9

Please follow us on Twitter, to keep up with all the events, posts, docs, and videos related to the Environment Maker Challenge: @Seras_skills . Use the hashtag #seras_emc20

And don’t forget to follow all of the activities during UK Robotics week by following @UKRobotics. and #UKRW20.

If you missed Day 1 and Stefan Posland’s talk on the Internet of Things, you can watch it and check out everything you need to know about it here: https://seras.org.uk/2020/06/22/environment-making-challenge-launch/

Looking forward now to Day 3 with Kisha Bradley from Brightbox Makerspace! If you haven’t already registered, head over to our Eventbrite page: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/environment-making-challengetickets-107417996118

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