Environment Making Challenge: Launch!

Thanks so much to everyone for attending the first session of our SERAS Environment Making Challenge. It was a cracking turnout, with nearly 50 people attending, so thanks and well done!

We had our problems with a few technical issues at the start, but the session was a great success in the end with a terrific webinar presented by Stefan Poslad. Thanks Stefan, it was a fascinating look into the ideas behind IoT and its potential to solve problems for us.

The video of Stefan’s talk is now available on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/g-9twrl1cRo (Or, you can just watch it back in the embed, below.)

(Unfortunately, we weren’t able to capture all of the great discussion in the chat, but this is available, too, if anyone would like to see it. Let us know.)

Stefan has also very kindly made his slides available here. (This will take you to a Google Drive folder, where we will upload all files and links associated with the EMC.)

We hope everyone who joined us will be able to make Tanya’s session tomorrow and would like to invite and welcome any new participants. Tanya is going to help everyone with how to get started on a Make. We can’t wait. See you then!

Remember, to keep in touch, follow @Seras_skills on twitter. And use the hashtag #seras_emc20

And don’t forget to follow all of the activities during UK Robotics week by following @UKRobotics. and #UKRW20.

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